So I have been WAY behind on this blog like I have been on my others. My apologies. But today…

I didn’t have a chance to get anything to eat all day. Luckily, my friend Kay brought her oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for a snack in class today!! (They are simply AMAZING!! - Check out her recipe. :) ) … I may or may not have eaten four of them. (Sorry to the rest of my Bolivia crew.)

After that, I had my preworkout drink before lifting, but we were out of postworkout stuff, so I didn’t get my protein shake.

I didn’t know what to make for supper, so I decided to try my hand at cooking. The above pictures are the result: grilled garlic chicken, buttered noodles and apples, and some peas. The chicken and apples were amazing!!! :D I ate about half the peas and gave the rest to my roomie.

It was NOT a smooth process… in the least bit. But the end result was good. So at least there was that.

So, yeah. That was my day. :)


A date with a prehistoric elephant

Food today (at some point I’ll figure out how to style this better - but I’ve promised myself I won’t spend any more than 15 minutes on this thing every day since I have a ridiculous amount of other things that I need to be doing):

Breakfast: Protein shake with skim milk
Lunch: Jimmy John’s Slim Jim (roast beef, lettuce, tomato, mayo on french bread); skinny chips; Coke
Supper: Runza hamburger (KMP), banana, Pepsi, Vitamin Water
Work out: Protein shake with water
Post work out: grilled (read burnt) cheese sandwich; Green Giant frozen veggies; protein shake with skim milk (note: strawberries turned out to be gross; was too full to eat sun chips)

The Good: GG frozen veggies are always a good thing; Grilled cheese hit the spot; skim milk, banana and Vitamin Water all rock!
The Bad: Runza hamburger and Pepsi - probably should’ve skipped it. I mean, I needed something to get me through night class, but the banana and water probably would’ve done the trick.
The UGLY: So I always considered Jimmy John’s to be a pretty good ‘fast food’ option. Then I went online and checked out the nutritional info on the sandwich combo. Sheesh! The #2 has 24 g of fat and a whopping 1,015 mg of sodium! Add in the chips and drink, and you’ve got a 910 calorie meal with 1134 mg of sodium and 29 g of fat! I did some figuring, and if I cut the Mayo, it chops the fat down to only 3 g and knocks off like 300 mg of sodium. It’s also worth noting the the skinny chips didn’t add much bad in any of the categories, but they didn’t add much good either. And the sandwich has 24 g of protein, which is good stuff. The real bad guy was the Coke. 240 calories and all from sugar.

Today’s lesson: Did you know that Nebraska was completely under water at one time? Apparently the Western Interior Sea split the North American continent many many MANY years ago.

Spiritual note: Proverbs 1:7 - The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction.




This is me… bearing it all… almost.


So, I’m on a quest. A health quest, really.

I’ve been lifting weights with my brother for almost two years now, and I have made some gains in the muscle department, I know. But I still don’t feel healthy.

Because I eat a LOT of crap food.

Runza. McDonald’s. Runza. Chinese. Runza. Noodles & Co. Runza. Noodles. Runza. Yia Yia’s Pizza… see a pattern? And that’s not even counting the six to eight Dr. Peppers I’ll have in a day.

This can’t continue. BOTH of my grandpa’s had multiple heart attacks. My dad has had at least one. So, really, I’m holding my fate in my fingers with each greasy french fry.

Now I think I’m a horrible cook, but frozen vegetables pretty much destroy any real excuse I might have. 

I tried giving up pop. Lasted a week.

Told myself I was going to eat healthier. Lasted a day… maybe.

I needed some sort of accountability, and, well, we live in the world of Facebook anyway, so why not make the Internet my accountability… or Accountabilibuddy - to steal a South Park phrase. 

So this is me. Yep. I’m shirtless. I’m bearing it all… almost. No photoshopping. No fancy photo tricks. Just me. (Don’t worry… there aren’t going to be any more shirtless Brady pics on here.) But this is my beginning - and I figured the month of March is as good as any.

And I’m going to be honest with you - well, really, I’m going to be honest with myself. I’m going to list everything I ate each day, so that it’s there, staring me in the face. A sort of reverse encouragement or tough-love approach to my health - hopefully.

But this isn’t just an exercise or experiment in physical health. I believe health is a three-pronged (at least!) beast: physical, mental AND spiritual. So not only will I list everything I ate each day, I also plan to give at least ONE thing I’ve learned each day AND some sort of spiritual lesson, be it a Bible verse, another spiritual saying/proverb, or an interesting quote.

Still with me? Wow. I’m impressed. I would have stopped after the first paragraph. Well, if you’re with me, great. If not, oh, well. Frankly, I don’t care if anyone or everyone reads this. This is more for my own self-improvement and personal betterment. If it helps someone else along the way, FANTASTIC! :D

So here we go. March 1 - we’re going in like a lion!


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